Your housing options

Based on your situation, these are the options open to you. We recommend that you look at the following to help you with your housing needs:

You’re likely to find a privately rented property quicker than one from the Council.

Assistance with renting

You may get help towards your rent and contributions towards a rental deposit if you are on a low income.

There are benefits calculators which you can use to check what benefits you would be entitled to.

The BBC’s ‘Where can I afford to live?‘ can help you work out how much rent you can expect to pay in different parts of the country.

Finding private rented accommodation (pdf file)

Tenancy deposits (pdf file)

This is housing that is owned and managed by a council or housing association. Social Housing is provided to eligible households who have a housing need.

If you want to rent social housing in Kent

Kent Homechoice is the choice-based lettings service for all social housing in Kent. There is a high demand for social housing and those who have the highest housing need have the best chance of getting a home this way. The scheme user guide tells you all you need to know about how Kent Homechoice works and you will need to register and be eligible to take part.

This is where two or more people live in a property together, with each person having their own bedroom. Living with another person is usually cheaper than renting on your own as the costs are shared.

There are various websites, a good place to start may be link to or looking in local papers.

The government has created help to buy schemes to help people buy their own home. You can find out more at

Low Cost Home Ownership (pdf file)

Supported housing is accommodation with support to enable people who may find it hard coping on their own to live as independently as possible in the community.

Supported housing is provided in specific schemes where people can stay for a short time or much longer.

Support is given by on-site staff. The support offered does not usually include personal care, such as bathing and dressing.

Kent County Council Social Services may be able to help you with supported housing.

You may find one of the following leaflets useful depending upon your personal circumstances.

You may find one of the following leaflets useful depending on your situation.

Dealing with Debts (pdf file)

Domestic Abuse (pdf file)

Harassment and Illegal Eviction (pdf file)

Home Repairs and Adaptations (pdf file)

Mortgage Arrears (pdf file)

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If you need help deciding what’s best for you, complete a 10 minute questionnaire with Kent Homechoice, which will provide you with an advice pack personalised to your circumstances and also give you the option to apply to the Housing Register.

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