Are you at risk of becoming homeless in Kent?

If you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless, then our assessment tool can provide you with useful information and guidance from your local authority in Kent.

Don’t wait until you are homeless before seeking help.

Are you homeless?

This website will help you to understand how your Council  or other agencies could help you with your situation.

You don’t have to be sleeping rough or not have a roof over your head to be considered homeless. 

There are many other situations, including the threat of being made homeless, that mean you could receive help from your local council.


What help is available?

This website will give you the same answers to questions about your situation as you would get from the Council over the phone or face-to-face.

It will give you an early indication of whether you are likely to be helped by your local council, and in what way. The sooner you know the likely outcome, the sooner you can prepare to take your next steps.

The more you can find out about the different support and help on offer from your local council and other organisations, the better prepared you will be to act on recommendations and advice.

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